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Purchasing and using the Dream Swing may be the Smartest investment a golfer can make. Don't be on the course with a $400 club and a 25 cent swing.

Every person who owns a set of Golf Clubs should also own a Dream Swing, so they learn how to swing them right.

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PGA Partners Approved

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When you learn this swing you will play better golf.

50 Ways a Dream Swing Will Help You
  1. The Dream Swing makes learning and improving the golf swing easy.
  2. Using it helps golfers hit more good shots more often. That makes golf a lot more fun.
  3. It provides an easy source for amateur golfers to get the best golf instruction possible on their own at their convenience.
  4. Makes practicing a great golf swing easy. It doesn’t let you get off course.
  5. It eliminates time money and effort golfers waste practicing mistakes (while they are trying to improve.)
  6. Allows amateur golfers to practice the same kind of swing the Tour Players swing.
  7. Provides unsupervised perfect practice to help each golfer improve his or her golf swing.
  8. Gives beginner golfers the feeling of a good swing and help more advanced players feel how to make correction so they can take their games to the next level.
  9. It is proven to get golfers on-plan and keep them on-plane throughout the entire swing.
  10. Gives golfers a kinesthetic sense for what the swing feels like.
  11. It by passes the conscious learning process and without saying a word or thinking about it. Simply by going through the motions in the trainer the mind is programmed with the feeling of the swing.
  12. Golfers can’t see where they are swinging. The Dream Swing always puts the golfer in the correct position at the top of their swing.
  13. Insures that the path you swing on is correct throughout the entire swing.
  14. Gives the golfer great confidence that they are practicing what is correct.
  15. Eliminates first tee jitters.
  16. Improves tempo.
  17. It’s easy to set up, easy to use and easy to take down.
  18. You can use your own clubs in it.
  19. Golfers get instant feedback of correct or incorrect swing motions.
  20. It’s not expensive.
  21. It helps you swing a better swing with every club.
  22. It correct slicing and hooking.
  23. Teaches better balance in the golf swing.
  24. Saves time and money.
  25. Durable and portable.
  26. Easy to carry to the range.
  27. Lets you feel where your hands need to be at the top of your back swing.
  28. Teaches the golfer to swing with their body and not their arms.
  29. Can be used by all golfers of all ages and all body types.
  30. Teaches the single plane swing known as Natural Golf.
  31. You can use it in your back yard or in your home with the wall bracket.
  32. Drills mechanics into your golf swing without having to thinking about it.
  33. Teaches fundamentals that improve accuracy and distance.
  34. Increases club head speed helping the golfer hit the ball farther.
  35. It’s the best swing training package on the market.
  36. Can be used for putting, teaches a perfect pendulum putting stroke.
  37. It is a great physical fitness trainer and keeps golfers in shape and exercises the specific muscles they use in a great golf swing.
  38. It is the best source of golf improvement ever.
  39. The Dream Swing lets golfers focus on what their bodies need to do while it guides the club on-plane.
  40. Gets golfers excited about their games.
  41. It replaces all other swing trainers.
  42. It is several times more effective than going to a top 100 golf instructor because they tell you how to do a feel motion, the Dream Swing lets you feel how to do a feel motion. After the instructor leaves, the Dream Swing is still there to make sure you’re practicing what is correct. It’s a lot less expensive that taking lessons from a top teacher and again a lot more effective.
  43. It makes learning easy for women
  44. Teaches proper hip rotation.
  45. Cures “over the top” forever.
  46. Golfers buy $400 clubs to help them hit the ball farther and straighter and are on the course with a 2 bit (25 cent) swing. Using the Dream Swing teaches them a million dollar swing. The person who wins on Sunday is the person who is doing closest to what the Dream Swing promotes.
  47. It helps you play better golf.
  48. Many highly respected businessmen are clueless when it comes to golf. Watching these out on the course, they look like they've never seen a golf club before. In just minutes a day, the Dream Swing makes them look like intelligent golfers.
  49. I set Arnold Palmer into the Dream Swing and one of his friends who was watching him said, “ Arnold what do you think of this?” The King replied, “This forces me to swing the way I’m supposed to swing. I’ve always had this problem of blocking my follow through and this forces me to extend out and finish with my hands up where they are supposed to be.
  50. It works fast, in just minutes a day it will improve your swing and keep it grooved.


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