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Purchasing and using the Dream Swing may be the Smartest investment a golfer can make. Don't be on the course with a $400 club and a 25 cent swing.

Every person who owns a set of Golf Clubs should also own a Dream Swing, so they learn how to swing them right.

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When you learn this swing you will play better golf.

About the Inventor


Clint Harper’s desire to correct his slice and be more competitive on the golf course led to the design of a golf swing improvement system some have called the best in the world. He never dreamed the day he anchored his first prototype to a tree in his back yard that it would result in his designing a revolutionary golf swing trainer called the Dream Swing.

The Dream Swing is a mechanical device that adjusts to, guides, and forces the golf club to travel on the best swing-plane for each golfer. The Dream Swing has garnered praise from hundreds of golf instructors and thousands of amateur golfers and may be the most well-endorsed swing trainer ever. In a sport flooded by training aids, it stands out because it teaches golfers their best swing and they can’t manipulate it. It virtually forces golfers to improve.

“The club is connected to the trainer, so the swing is guided like a pencil in a compass,” Harper says. “It guides the club on the same swing-plane the tour players swing on. Therefore, to swing it correctly, the golfer has to learn the same body motions the tour players do. This guarantees improvement.” Harper says that when using this system, the mind body coordination will acquire the feeling of a better swing. “You cannot repeat a motion you have never felt,” he explains. “The Dream Swing gives the golfer the feeling of a better swing which is a significant advantage over having someone show and tell you how to do a feel motion.” The Dream Swing allows its users to have perfect practice, which is the key to better golf. “Golfers will never improve while practicing their same mistakes,” he opines. The Paul, Idaho, resident, says that his swing improves every time he uses it and that every golfer can improve with this system. It is a great tool for teachers to use during lessons. The device almost replaces golf instructors—something that hasn’t made Dream Swing popular with teachers. But that doesn’t bother Harper, who says, “I’m on the side of the golfer.” Dream Swing is endorsed by the United States Golf Teachers Federation as their official golf training aid and has been voted the #1 swing trainer in the world by Golf Pro Magazine.


Clint Harper
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