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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of benefits can my golf game expect from using The Dream Swing?
A. In one sentence the answer would be "Dramatic Improvement." You'll start swinging on plane like a compass that guides a pencil in a perfect circle. The Dream Swing guides and forces the golf club to travel on a perfect swing plane for each golfer. Every golfer improves by swinging more on plane. Because the trainer forces the club to swing on the same type of swing path the pros swing on, your body will have to do what is necessary to swing that kind of on plane swing, or you can't swing the trainer right. If you perform a motion that would cause the club to travel off plane, you will put resistance against the device and it will guide your club into the ground, or give you some other feedback that you are doing something wrong.

Q. Is The Dream Swing better for beginners or advanced players?
A. It's equally beneficial to all golfers at every level. It's fantastic for beginners. They usually have no idea where, or how to swing the club right. Because the device forces the user to swing on plane , his or her mind body coordination will become programmed with the feeling of this correct swing. You can easily duplicate a motion you have felt. It cuts years off the learning process for beginners. It doesn't let them learn bad habits. It's of tremendous value to advanced players. These are players that have established handicaps. They are players who often experience frustration. They want to play better golf, but they have ingrained into their minds bad swing motions and now the bad swing is their natural swing. They usually know what they need to do, but every time they think "hit the ball." They swing their instinctive bad swing and miss hit the ball. The Dream Swing allows players to focus on the body motions they need to correct. As they perform the new motions over and over in the device the new swing will become their natural instinctive swing. It will take a beginner longer to learn The Dream Swing because they have to learn posture, grip, takeaway, down swing, and the follow through. The advanced player may only need to focus on keeping their weight on the inside of back foot and starting the down swing by rotating the hips.

Q. If I purchase The Dream Swing, exactly what will I receive?
A. In the purchase of the Dream Swing, the following items are included: The stand, ropes and stakes that secure the stand into the ground. The Alignment Rod that fits at the base of the stand that show the target line. The Wall Bracket which allows you to mount the stand indoors in an area where it is most convenient to practice. A Carrying Bag to carry the device to the range, or on vacation. The Instructional Booklet and Video. The training system is usually shipped ground UPS in a box that measures 5 ft. X 4 in. X 2 in. and weights 7 lbs.

Q. How many have been sold?
A. Over 6000 units sold. The Dream Swing has been on the market for 5 years.

Q. How does The Dream Swing compare to other swing trainers?
A. There is no forgiveness in The Dream Swing. Other swing trainers allow you to continue to swing your same swing in them. You can't do that in The Dream Swing. You have to swing where it is set. You have to learn it's swing. You can't practice bad swing motions in it. It forces you to learn the same type of swing the Pros swing.

Q. If it's such a fantastic training aid, why aren't more PGA Instructors using it in their instruction programs?
A. That's a good question. When I first designed the trainer and saw what it did for my game, I ignorantly thought I would show it to the instructors. In turn, they would use it in their teaching, their students would improve and want to buy it, and I'd be in business. On the video a retired golf instructor said, "if golf instructors don't put this in, they're doing their members an injustice." I feel that every golf lesson should be given using the Dream Swing. As students, we pay good money for lessons and we expect to receive good service. Receiving lessons in the Dream Swing gives students the feeling of what the instructor is telling them. It's 100 times more effective to feel how you're supposed to swing than to be told, or shown how to swing. I personally feel that golf instructors are insecure and easily threatened. They think if they use the trainer golfers will no longer come to them for instruction. The instructors that use it love it and their business is better than ever. Those who resist it continue to do the same business as they did before. Progressive instructors are open to new teaching ideas. You should never take a lesson from an instructor who doesn't uses the Dream swing. It will help you to get your money's worth.

Q. Can I use all my clubs in The Dream Swing?
A. Yes. Because the stand adjust up and down, you can set it for your Driver, Irons, Wedges and Putter.

Q. How do you use it for Putting?
A. Simply set your Putter in it and The Dream Swing will guide your club back and forward on a straight line while you train your body to do a Pendulum Putting Stroke. It will ingrain into your mind the feeling of that stroke the same way it teaches you how to correctly swing a full swing.

Q. When is the best time to purchase The Dream Swing?
A. When do you want to start playing better golf? The answer is the same to both questions.

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