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How the Dream Swing Works

  • The Dream Swing is a mechanical device that adjusts for each golfer to guide and force their golf club to travel on the best swing-plane for their body.

  • The Dream Swing helps golfers focus on what their body needs to do to swing on-plane. In the Dream Swing you don’t have to think about swinging the club. It swings the club for you. You can focus on all the other motions your body needs to do to swing on-plane.

  • In the Dream Swing, the perfect position at the top of the back swing can be determined for each golfer by adjusting the stand up or down and moving the body to the right or left. These adjustments will allow each golfer to set the Dream Swing to the position that feels best to them.

  • The Dream Swing teaches a perfect transition from the top of the Back Swing to impact. Amateur golfers typically swing over the top because they sway back as they swing back. If you do this bad motion in the Dream Swing, it will guide your club into the ground. It will not allow you to get away with practicing mistakes. It gives you instant feedback of every correct and incorrect motion.

  • The Dream Swing also allows golfers to develop a deep wrist cock, significantly improving your clubhead speed. You can do specific drills in the Dream Swing to help you develop the motions that will improve your golf score.

  • The golf swing is a centrifugal force motion. As you rotate through, the Dream Swing guarantees that you will stay on plane down the target line after impact.

  • The golf swing is a feel motion. You cannot duplicate a motion you have never felt. The only way you can learn feel is by you repeating the motion until you learn the feeling of it. The Dream Swing will help you do this faster, better and more economically than any other swing improvement method. Don’t you feel it would be wise to purchase a Dream Swing, so you aren’t wasting your time, money and effort practicing mistakes while you’re trying to improve your golf swing and ball striking ability?


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