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Super Swing Trainer vs. Dream Swing

The Super Swing Trainer has proven that it can train golfers to do more things wrong that it will help them do right. This person demonstrating the Super Swing Trainer or the Perfect Swing Trainer in this photo has a good golf swing. Imagine that a high handicap player stepped into the swing trainer and began to swing. He could basically do his exact same swing while standing in the PVC circle.

Honestly, about the only thing the Super Swing Trainer does is guide the Club Shaft about 6 inches up from the club head. The golfer can sway back on the take away, pull the hands inside, raise up, not cock the wrists at the top, swing a total arm swing on the down swing, cast, pull the hands inside in the follow through and have a big reverse weight shift in the finish position. and while doing this still be able to hit a ball out of the trainer because it guides the shaft 6 inches above the club head.

Where the Super Swing Trainer guides the club shaft 6 inches above your club head, which allows the person to do almost any motion with the body, the Dream Swing guides the arms, hands and golf club on a perfect swing plane, therefore, in a sense forcing the body to do the same kind of motions the tour players do. Because the Dream Swing is attached to the grip of the golf club it guides the arms, hands and golf club on a perfect type of swing plane or the same swing path the tour players swing on. The reason the tour players swing on this kind of swing plane is because their bodies are doing all the correct motions to do that kind of on-plane swing. The only way the golfer can hit balls with a club connected into the Dream Swing is if the body does all the same kind of motions the tour players do.

The Super Swing Trainer has a colorful history. The PVC Circle Trainer first came on the market in the late 80s. It was then marketed under the name of the Perfect Swing Trainer. After that company went out of business it was marketed under the name of Sam 2000. There have been a couple of variations of the circle training aid. One of these is the Groove Tube.

Golfers typically develop bad habits, then practice those bad habits while trying to improve. Why would someone want to purchase a training device that would allow them to practice mistakes while using it?

Since coming on the market, The Dream Swing has been trying to overcome the reputations established by other swing trainers which allow golfers to manipulate them and continue to practice their mistakes while using them. The PVC Circle Swing Trainer is one of these training aids.


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