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Purchasing and using the Dream Swing may be the Smartest investment a golfer can make. Don't be on the course with a $400 club and a 25 cent swing.

Every person who owns a set of Golf Clubs should also own a Dream Swing, so they learn how to swing them right.

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When you learn this swing you will play better golf.

What is the Dream Swing?

The Dream Swing Golf Swing Improvement System is a golf swing training aid
that works similar to the way a compass guides and forces a pencil to travel in the perfect circle. It guides and forces the golf club to travel on the same swing path the tour players swing on. Therefore, the only way you can swing it is if your body does the same motions the tour players do. It virtually forces every golfer to practice a better swing guaranteeing improvement.

The Dream Swing can be easily adjusted and customized for each golfer's individual body type to teach them their best golf swing.The Dream Swing is engineered to adjust to every body shape and size. It is a fantastic golf training tool for juniors because they will enjoy perfect practice without the presence of a golf instructor. Golfers get tired and frustrated practicing mistakes. The Dream Swing will make each practice session productive. Every swing on the device teaches the student what is necessary to play better golf.

The golf swing is a feel motion. You can only develop the feeling of a better motion by repeating it. Because the Dream Swing forces and virtually gives you no choice but to swing on-plane, as you use it your mind and body coordination will automatically become programmed with the feeling of a better swing. It teaches muscle or motor memory by allowing it's students to feel the swing the pros swing. Besides improving your golf score it will strengthen the specific muscles needed to perform a correct golf swing resulting in increased power and distance, more control and consistency and better balance. It eliminates slicing and hooking and promotes proper tempo.

The Dream Swing is scientifically and ergonomically designed for maximum body performance and protection. It's so well engineered that it teaches the proper swing mechanics for every shot needed to play a perfect round. It teaches you how to hit a draw and fade and adjust for every club from the driver to the putter. It keeps the body vertically aligned, eliminating swaying, dipping, sliding and reverse axis or pivoting, rendering joints and lower back pain free and relaxed. It isolates golf muscles and through continued use strengthens and conditions the entire body.

The Dream Swing forces students to do what the instructor tells them. This system bypasses the conscious learning, programming the mind-body-coordination with the feeling of the correct swing. It allows students to feel what the instructor tells them. In the golf swing it is extremely difficult to duplicate what you hear, but very easy to duplicate a motion you have felt.

You will never know how good you could play until you learn the Dream Swing. With the Dream Swing you will have the opportunity to practice the same kind of swing the Tour Players swing.

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